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Our IP department specializes in a wide range of intellectual property rights related services that cover trademarks, patents, industrial designs and domain names. The services in these areas include registration, priorities, renewal, transfer and assignment etc. but also highly efficient anti counterfeiting actions against the infringements and infringing parties through both civil and criminal proceedings including raid and seizure, prosecution of infringement and other intellectual property enforcement services such as issuing of formal cease and desist/warning letters, destruction of infringing goods/products, civil actions for recovery of damages as well as investigation but not the least a high quality watching services.

Our services regarding IP matters are, not limited to, as follows:

Trademark Registration
Trademark Renewal
Trademark Transfer & Assignment
Trademark Owner Name, Classification & Address Change
Trademark Licensing
Trademark Search
Trademark Opposition
Trademark Related Investigation
Trademark Court Prosecution

Patent Registration
Patent Transfer & Assignment
Patent Owner Name & Address Change
Patent Licensing
Patent Search
Patent Annuities
Patent Related Investigation
Patent Court Prosecution

Industrial Design
Industrial Design Registration
Industrial Design Transfer & Assignment
Industrial Design Owner Name & Address Change
Industrial Design Licensing
Industrial Design Search
Industrial Design Related Investigation
Industrial Design Court Prosecution

Domain Name
.ir Domain Name Registration
.ir Domain Name Transfer & Assignment
.ir Domain Name Owner Name & Address Change
.ir Domain Name Search
.ir Domain Name Related Investigation
.ir Domain Name Court Prosecution

If you have any specific query with regard to our IP services, Please contact our IP department.

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